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Band Camp - Frequently Asked Questions

1 August 2016

Band Camp - Frequently Asked Questions

Band Camp is a mandatory, two week training program required to prepare for the upcoming marching band competition season. During band camp, students practice the music, drill (marching) and choreography that are the foundation of their field show. While the show continues to evolve during the entire marching season (which runs from late August through mid-November), band camp is the foundation upon which the show is built. Since each day’s practice builds on the prior day, it is critical that all band members are at band camp every day.

Band camp is a wonderful experience for the students. It can be exhausting, since they put in long, hot days learning the music and the drill, it is also fun. They get to know each other, learn discipline and teamwork, and perhaps most importantly, develop strong bonds as a “band family”. Your incoming student will know over 100 kids across all grades by the time they walk through the NHS doors for the first time. How great is that?

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